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* Song Giveaways

Brass Monkey is starting a new promotion of sorts.  Tom Roschkov & John Armstrong have been compiling their back catalogue of audio recordings, both released and unreleased and would like to share some of them with you !

Several times year, we will be making songs available for free download for limited periods of time.  Links to these downloads will be included in Emails sent through Brass Monkey's mailchimp account.  In order to receive these links, simply subscribe above to receive our E-newsletter.

December 2014 Song Giveaway

For our first song give away, we're going to reach way back into the vaults:

"The River" by John Armstrong - recorded as part of John's solo album, Eau Natural, back in 1996, this instrumental track features programmed and live percussion, backwards lap steel guitar, and three bass guitars, including a killer fretless bass solo by Stuart Eiriksson.

"Right Around the Back" by Tom Roschkov - taken from the Swingin' Ya Band's, Some O' That Good Time (1998), is about an out-of-the-way little gin joint where people go to forget about their troubles. It features the really tight rhythm section of Peter Hohn and John Oldham, along with saxophone garnishing by Marv Yakoweshen

"Long Lake" by The Stone Merchants - when the Stone Merchants reformed in 1999, they set out to record a collaborative album that resulted in 2000's Have Another Blue Juice, Mister.  Tom brought this song to the band and it was fleshed out by John, Al Brant, Kelly Pikula, and Eddie Patterson.
Links to download free, hi quality mp3s will be made available to all Brass Monkey Email subscribers through the month of December.

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